Enduring the Cases Fabrication Policy;

اذهب الى الأسفل

Enduring the Cases Fabrication Policy;

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Enduring the Cases Fabrication Policy;
Cairo News Company Lawsuit Session postponed until June 16th.

Cairo on 26th May, 2008

“Boulaq Misdemeanors Court had postponed reviewing the claim of the Cairo News Company (CNC) to the 16th of June’s session, for meeting the court demand of providing official power of attorney in behalf of Mr. Nader Gohar “in person” not as “the managing director of the (CNC).”, said the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today.

The prosecution general had accused the managing director of the Cairo News Company (CNC) of possessing wireless communication equipments and satellite casting unites, and operation it without obtaining a permission from the National Telecommunication Authority, and demanding of the court to charg him according to the articles: (70, 72, and 77) of the Law no. 10 for the year 2003 of regulating the telecommunications.

“Those who fabricated the case, did not well-cooked it, and the equipments that confiscated unlawfully belong to the French TV, which Mr. Gohar is the only officially approved correspondent of. The CNC is operating legally and there are no direct or indirect relevance to the main reason that this case was trumped up for, which was the broadcasting photos by different media outlets for the demonstrators in Mahala City during the 6th of April strike in the past month. Therefore the security agencies should seek out the reasons of this populace outrage and the strong rejection of the repression policies used to meet all of the peaceful protests forms in Egypt, instead of looking for a scapegoat behind those photos, and this only if they were serious.”, the Arabic Network confirmed.

Further to this the Arabic Network demanded the government to obey the law ruling, and stop fabricating accusations and cases, especially in this case where no legal breaches were found, proving that it is a political case hundred per cent, and this what the defense committee is going to establish before the court in the upcoming session on 16th of June, 2008.

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