كادر المعلمين (اللغة الانجليزية)

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كادر المعلمين (اللغة الانجليزية)

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Section Three : Grammatical Structure
Directions : Questions 94-107 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence
you will see four words or phrases, marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Choose the
one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.
94- I will have been there _______________ .
a) for 3months
b) during 3 months
c) since 3 months
d) whilst 3 months
95- I haven’t ____________ this week.
a) much people
b) anybody
c) no people
d) someone
96- Send him to the baker’s ____________ some bread.
a) in order he buys
b) for to buy
c) to buy
d) for buying
97- __________ the baby while I’am in the kitchen.
a) Look to
b) Take care
c) Look after
d) Care
98- It looks ____________ it’s going to rain.
a) that
b) as if
c) as
d) like that
99- He was very angry ____________ his wife.
a) on
b) to
c) at
d) upon
100- When we arrived at the office we found that someone _______ during the
a) had broken in
b) has broken in
c) broke in
d) have broken in
101- Studying English is hard at first , but you soon _________ .
a) are used to it
b) get use it
c) are use it
d) get used to it
102 - Not only ___________ to London , but she also visited other less well
known cities in England.
a) she went
b) went she
c) did she go
d) she did
103- Now remember, you ___________ the test until the teacher tells you to.
a) are not starting
b) are not to start
c) haven’t started
d) needn’t start
104- __________ had we started watching the film when our friends came round for
a chat.
a) Hardly
b) Slightly
c) Little
d) Rarely
105- She was thought _____________ the car in London.
a) to buy
b) buying
c) to have bought
d) might buy
106- Our house ___________ as soon as possible. It’s in an awful state.
a) needs redecorating
b) to redecorate
c) redecorated
d) is redecorated
107- He eventually managed ___________ the door by kicking it hard.
a) open
b) opening
c) to open
d) to have opened
Section Four : Vocabulary
Directions : Items 108-112 include sentences with missing words or phrases. From
the words or phrases below each choose the one that best completes the sentence.

108- The initials G.C.C. ____________ Gulf Cooperative Council.
a) look for
b) account for
c) make for
d) stand for
109- You don’t have to be worried about the journey to the airport. Your brother
is going to _________________ .
a) take you off
b) see you off
c) bring you up
d) give you for
110- My father and I have the same character, I _________ him much more than my
a) look at
b) take off
c) look up
d) take after
111- Stop thinking about it. Don’t let this result ____________ .
a) get you off
b) get you down
c) get you on
d) get you up
112- Please make your check _________ to Saudi Business Machine.
a) payment
b) paid
c) payable
d) pay
Directions : In each sentence below there is a word in boldface. From the words
below each choose the one that has the nearest meaning to the boldfaced word.
113- The Roman armies were defeated in 622 A.D.
a) inscribed
b) enlisted
c) retreated
d) beaten
114- Bad deeds are disgraceful.
a) shameful
b) beautiful
c) shy
d) happy
115- He is an aggressive person. he does not care about other people’s feeling .
a) passive
b) offensive
c) attacking
d) opponent
116- Sorry! The general director is not available today.
a) active
b) passive
c) around
d) connected
Section Five : Reading Comprehension
Directions : Read the following text carefully. Then answer the questions on the
basis of what is stated or implied by the text. Choose the word or phrase that
best completes the sentence :
1- Visitors to America are immediately struck by the tremendous numbers of
automobiles filling the highways and crowding the city streets. The automobile,
which has transformed the American way of life, is the almost indispensable
workhorse of the family. During the week, the father drives it to his job in the
city, alone, or in a “car pool” arrangement with several of his fellow workers.
When he leaves it at home, his wife uses it constantly to do errands, to haul
groceries, to drive children to lessons or appointments, to shops or swimming
pools. On weekends, the family drives out to the country for a picnic lunch or
may take a trip of several hundred miles. On vacations, no corner of the country
is beyond the family’s reach.
2- All of America has felt the changes, which came with the automobile and with
the network of highways that have been built to serve it. Farmers, who live far
from their neighbors, are no longer isolated. Tractors of the work of the many
farmlands they cannot afford to hire, trucks carry their products to market, to
storage elevators or to railroads.
3- Traffic jams in cities and along the approaches to cities, especially at
morning and evening rush hours and at the start and end of weekends, are
difficult problems. How to find out enough parking space in the cities, even
with underground parking lots and many-storied “pigeonhole” parking structures
in another. More highways and wider ones are needed as fast as they can be
117- The main topic of this passage is __________________ .
a) The American Family
b) The American highways
c) Major American cities
d) Cars and the American Life

118- The automobile has had ______________ on the American society.
a) A little effect
b) hardly any effect
c) an obvious effect
d) no effect whatsoever
119- The American father ________________________ .
a) always drives alone to work
b) may share his car with other colleagues
c) drives his children to lessons
d) drives his wife to haul groceries
120- The American family may spend the weekend ____________ .
a) abroad
b) in downtown
c) out of town
d) in a family gathering
121- Thanks to the automobile, all American States have become ____________.
a) within reach
b) more isolated
c) beyond reach
d) torn apart
122- Most American families __________________ cars.
a) cannot afford
b) do not badly need
c) do not have
d) cannot do without

123- The word ‘which‘ in the firs line of the second paragraph refers to
a) all Americans
b) automobiles
c) changes
d) traffic
Section Six : Linguistics and Pedagogy
124- Phonetics deals with the properties of sounds as represented in variations
in the sound wave.
a) Acoustic
b) Articulatory
c) Auditory
d) Generative
125- When a speech sound undergoes a change in articulation in connected speech,
becoming more like a neighboring sound, this process is known as .
a) Assimilation
b) Aspiration
c) Adaptation
d) articulation
126- The strong version of the Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis
a) attempts to predicat all errors produced by L2 learners
b) deals only with errors resulting from L1 interference
c) does not predict L2 errors but only explains them
d) All of the above

127- According to the nativist theory, the key factor that determines success in
first language acquisition is .
a) child general inteligence
b) amount of exposure to language
c) imitation of parents
d) teaching techniques employed
128- In standardized test .
a) the writing and evaluation of the test are done by the same person.
b) the number of subjects tested is usually large.
c) We make use of composition and short answer techniques.
d) All of the above
129- serve to indicate the extent to which an individual has mastered specific
skills or body of information acquired in a formal situation.
a) Proficiency tests
b) Aptiude tests
c) Achievement tests
d) Objective tests
130- Dictation is a useful testing technique that can be used to test
a) spelling
b) listening comprehension
c) general proficiency
d) all of the above
131- Objective tests are those in which individual items .
a) have only one correct answer
b) can discriminate among examinees
c) are balanced in length and difficulty
d) have appropriate distractors
132- According to Dell Hymes, the knowledge of rules for the conduct and
interpretaion of speech is known as .
a) distinctive competence
b) grammatical competence
c) communicative competence
d) linguistic competence
133- In my opinion the errors that L2 learners produce are .
a) signs of imperfect learning and should be eradicated
b) natural by product of the learning process
c) signs of poor teaching
d) the result of L1 interference
134- The ideal linguistic input (i.e. speech addressed to L2 learners) for
acquiring a second language should be .
a) comprehensible
b) relevant to the learners’ immediate interests
c) not too comples
d) all of the above
135- Individualized instruction is basically the recognition that
a) students have different needs and abilities
b) a single method may not be successful or appropriate to all students
c) students learn at different rates of speed
d) all of the above

136- Gardner defines integrative motivation as the learner’ desire to
a) be identified as a member of the target culture
b) get a high pay job
c) obtain a prestigious social status
d) B & C
137- In learning foreign languages, the critical period hypothesis stipulates
that .
a) children are superior to adults
b) adults are superior to children
c) children and adults are equal
d) None of the above.
138- In the approach, there is dependence on mimicry, memorization of set
phrases, and overlearning.
a) communicative
b) audiolingual
c) cognitive
d) linguistic
139- In the audiolingual approach, there is emphasis on .
a) pronunciation.
b) communication
c) intonation
d) both A & C
140- Of the four skills of language in the one that is least understood.
a) listening
b) speaking
c) reading
d) writing
141- Using monolingual dictionary work, and the key word method are widely used
to teach .
a) speaking
b) reading
c) writing
d) vocabulary
142- Teaching grammar goes into the following three stages :
a) Presentation, demonstration and practice.
b) Teaching rules, providing examples and doing exercise.
c) Teaching, demonstration and homework .
d) Reading, demonstration and writing.
143- A literate student can acquire the details of reading in a second language
an illiterate one.
a) shower than
b) as fast as
c) as slow as
d) faster than
144- Teaching receptive skills means teaching .
a) speaking and reading
b) listening and reading
c) speaking and writing
d) writing and speaking
145- Grammar teaching is concerned with explicit teaching of language .
a) forms
b) meaning
c) use
d) words
146- When we ask students to read a text, evaluate it, and react to it, we are
teaching .
a) thorough reading
b) critical reading
c) scanning
d) skimming
147- The purpose of teaching speaking is to allow students to
a) express themselves
b) repeat sentences
c) repeat what they heard in the classroom
d) express language function
148- A test that measures the learning of material in a particular course is
called a (n) test.
a) close
b) multiple choice
c) aptitude
d) achievement
149- are not based on a particular program.
a) Progress Tests
b) Placement Tests
c) Achievement Tests
d) Proficiency tests
150- A test that requires filling in words in words that have been deleted from
a paragraph is called a (n) test.
a) close
b) achievement
c) multiple-choice
d) true.valse
151- Testing experts consider dictation as a test of .
a) spelling
b) general language proficiency
c) listening
d) all the above
152- A close test is generally used to test the skill.
a) reading
b) writing
c) listening
d) speaking
153- Language test results are beneficial for .
a) teachers and the administration
b) students and parents
c) curriculum and syllabus designers
d) using word functions and meanings
154- While one prepares his test, one should .
a) spend adequate time in development
b) match his tests to the content
c) make his test valid, reliable, and balanced
d) be all the above
155- The language lab is best used in the teaching of .
a) good writing
b) reading comprehension
c) free conversations
d) listening comprhension

156- An overhead projector can effectively be used to teach .
a) reading and writing only
b) speaking and other skills
c) listening comprehension especially
d) grammatical structures mainly
157- Flash cards are commonly used to teach .
a) grammatical structures
b) vocabulary items
c) writing exercises
d) reading aloud
158- We can use both flannel boards and magnetic boards to display pictures and
cards. However, .
a) flannel boards are more effective
b) magnetic boards are easier to use
c) they are similar
d) chalkboards are better than both
159- Composite pictures may be effectively used in the teaching of
a) speaking and writing
b) reading comprehension only
c) grammatical structures mainly
d) young learners only
160-Using technology in teaching help to .
a) present demonstrations
b) enhance course content
c) provide additional illustrations
d) all the above

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